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Whether they are built on wheels or on a foundation, tiny homes are among the most highly regulated buildings. This convenient, easy-to-use resource provides a comprehensive analysis of the six types of tiny homes and links you directly to the laws you’ll need to know whether you’re building, occupying, selling, or buying a tiny home including looking for a place to park it. Building, Occupying and Selling Tiny Homes Legally transforms tiny home living from an outlaw fringe philosophy to a law-abiding, safe lifestyle that can be embraced by mainstream families who want to live sustainably and affordably. Housing lawyer Jenifer Levini easily explains which rules to follow for each type of tiny home, what needs to be documented, where you can put a tiny home, interpreting the law’s technical jargon, and understanding its practical applications to real-world scenarios. Tips for passing inspections and building safely guide you and give you the confidence to go tiny. Each chapter is followed by questions making this text an ideal resource for teachers, students, professionals transitioning from the building trades to the tiny home industry and tiny home enthusiasts.


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In a Hitchcockian twist, somewhere in the book are pictures of the author and some of her favorite things, her house and bathtub.

“Teachers’ Guide” Only Available to Teachers

There is a Teacher’s Guide Book with all the answers to all the questions in each chapter that is not being released to the public because this book is being used as a textbook in high schools’ and colleges’ tiny home building classes. Teachers are encouraged to contact the author for the free Teachers’ Guide answer book.


978-1-73443845-0-5 paperback

978-1-73443845-1-2 e-book (.mobi and .epub)

Suggested Use Classifications

1. LAW055000    LAW / Land Use
2. LAW078000    LAW / Real Estate
3. TEC005000     TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Construction / General
4. TEC009090     TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Automotive
5. SEL039000 SELF-HELP / Green Lifestyle
6. HOM005000 HOUSE & HOME / Do-It-Yourself / General
7. HOM001000 HOUSE & HOME / Do-It-Yourself / Carpentry
8. HOM023000 HOUSE & HOME / Small Spaces
9. HOM022000 HOUSE & HOME / Sustainable Living